Spooning with Rosie inspired rotessiere blythburgh belly pork

this love affair with our new toy continues .. Having worked out some original issues with the gas delivery to the burners.. Not totally fixed as they don’t seem to want to go lower than I would like not higher!! Hmm 


This fantastic recipe in spooning with Rosie cookbook bought many many years ago by Father Fitz inspired our Sunday lunch..


Inspired as it’s not the same! 

Got the belly. Added dill, bay from my grandfathers tree,  French garlic from Ronny squished , Mexican oregano from my Attorney, Italian honey from my pal Wally,  and lemon juice and thyme.. From umm the store! 

All rolled up and tied up with string.. 

 Salted and left overnight.. 


Pierced on the spit.. 

 And left for three hours.. To spin away to its content.. Need to work on the noise of the spit turner engine part.. It’s a little noisy.. Wd40 perhaps.. 

Some Turkish bread toasted and dipped into velvet balsamic and Mrs middletins straight up oil while we take drinks ..


To go with..

Hassle back new season king Edwards.. 

Just wash and cut the potatoes .. 


Did the same with some fresh beetroot too.. All rubbed over with retained pork drippings from the previous bellys! 


They were roasted off to deliciousness in around half and hour.. Maybe more.. 

French carrots and peas with a little crumbled chicken stock as a veg..

And the pork!! 



Take another looksie..


Survey crispy crunchy side and chewy.. You got it all going on here! 

   Chimichurri of course! 

Greats Sunday lunch! With good leftovers.. The beetroot already in pomegranate molasses and cider vinegar..


And pudding? 

A jersey cream pavlova with blackberries that Mrs Fitz made.. 

 Unfortunetly the lovely jersey cream we bought from the store was actually out of date on the day we bought it.. #rascals 

So we had to throw it all away.. Seriously .. 😢

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  1. Yum!. Please invite me over next time you make this – I would have eaten the cream anyway 🙂


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