Twice baked karate chop Italian spuds

It’s definitely the weather for baked potatoes.. The mornings are now frosty and misty.. There is a damp in the air and it’s squelchy underfoot!

That calls for food hugs..

One of the best simple pleasures I reckon is the humble baked potato .. Not the Chef Ping version, nor a frozen recreation..

For me a baked potato needs to be what it says it is..


The potato? Something floury.. I have gone for the easy purchase Maris Piper..


Stabbed and skewered … Rubbed with a little olive oil. And dusted in fine salt..


It gets that super crispy skin thing..

Into the oven at 200 (real money..) degrees for about and hour.. Attempting not to open the door as you really do lose heat so quick!!

Getting the mix ready for them to meet and become great pals..

Butter, onion powder, sea salt, pepper and garden chives..


Now here comes the karate bit in gen titled of this post..

The BEST way of cracking open a baked potato is the karate chop. .. When you cut with a knife the steam doesn’t whoosh out.. And although fluffy it for sure will not be as fluffy as when you deploy the karate chop..


Once karate chopped that fluffy inward meets the butter mix..


At this point I am sure adding cheese would be the biz.. it ain’t happening here..

Once reloaded .. And looking far more magnificent already than it’s peers.

Drizzled with the drain of pimped M&S Middletons roscoff garlic oil..


Back into the oven..

Just enough time to warm up a defrosted batch of bolognese sauce..

Heaped onto the spuds..


Delicious indeed…


A far better baked potato.. A little more time consuming ..

Well worth the wait…


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  1. The karate chop… that butter mix… you’re effing killing me here!!! 🙂

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  2. Karate Chop Italian Spudz – this I like!

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