Italian P&B burgers & dog chicken chow mein

This was lunch today..

I write it like that as it was a mighty fine lunch..

Italian P&B? Pork an Beef minced..

With fantastic Italian herb mix from Amsterdam .. Probably the best smuggled in ‘ herbs’ ever … Ahem…


No binders here.. No fillers.. Just squeezed together and patted.. A serious dusting of find salt and a Twizzle of Bristol blend pepper..


Fried off in the iron pan..


Didn’t get brioche.. Instead brown buns.. With token salad.. and Swedish mustard, ketchup with square processed cheese.. All for Mrs Fitz..


She was leg swinging happy..


For me.. ?

Dog chicken chow mein ..

Huh. ? Dog?

Yeah.. It’s the dogs chicken.. Great price on chicken legs has meant that they are eating like the stately dogs they are!! ( to be fair they eat extremely well!! Think clement Freud!!)..

First once the noodles were cooked and drained..

Into good ol’ uncle bens wok.. With the beansprouts ..


Adding kikoman soy and oyster sauce.. White onion too..


And a good shake of white pepper..

Into the ‘fake-out’ tub..


Then adding frozen peas.. And chopped dog chicken..

Chef ping dealt with it from then on..



That was lunch today..

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  1. LOL, dog chicken. I have a freezer full of it myself. When its on sale I stock up. Love your beef and pork burgers, great combination, use it in meatballs, meatloaf. Wonderful!!

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