Hanger steak wraps & sabzi pollo herby puffys

That steak just lasted and lasted..

A superb purchase!! (One more bit to go after this!! )..



(That was just a reminder for ya!..)..

So what next to turn it into?

Wraps.. Well wrong language really.. What would you call them? .. First let’s take a wee looksie huh?

Flour , yeast, salt and xylitol.. French butter and sabzi pollo Lebanese herbs..

And aqua of course!




All mixed up and kneaded and pulled about and left to rest..

Before making it mishapen..


I think I could have popped these onto the iron plate..

Instead they were fried .. Hence the ‘puffy’!!!



When I was in Mexico City I was told in no uncertain words that they never fry their taco type breads.. (Personally I reckon that was just BS.. ).. Yet if they don’t then they should!!

They puff up good!!


And drain them , not that they need draining on ikea paper of course!!

Get that steak on!!


It’s quick.. Like sooper dooper quick..

Just in time to make salad of borrowed lettuce.. Carrots, onion and tomatoes.. Squeezed into the bin to lose the water and pips..


And Arabic salad seasoning added..

All popped up together ..



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  1. The bread looks awesome 😀


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