Left over fava bean lamb with cous cous

Had some of those chops left over. That’s the good thing about cooking just the little extra when can..

Inspired by Father Fitz’s recent trip to morocco .. Am thinking a cous Cousy number.. (Although it turned into more of a Lebanese thing perhaps?)..

First chop up the lamb.. Discarding grizzly bits.. Adding onion and French purple garlic ..


Into a pan.. Adding chicken stock then a can of drained fava beans..


(Didn’t add the tomatoes.. Decided against it.. )..

Let that cook up with Lebanese seven spice..


Oh .. That was after boiling some carrots with sugar substitute and salt..


The cous cous?

Simple.. Love this stuff!

Adding chicken stock one cup of cous cous needs one cup of chicken stock.. Just seal it up.. It cooks itself.. Had a good conversation with my attorney about this.. As cooking rice just don’t work for me!!


Once cooked .. And the lamby thing done..


All into a bowl..


It was fine and tasty.. Just not that interesting.. Ahh well..

There’s always the next meal right?

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6 replies

  1. mmmm fava beans are so good and hearty!

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  2. Oh yes brother Fitz. That’s what I’m talking about!

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  3. Love lamb & fava beans! Have you come across/tried the Turkish chili spice called Urfa Biber? It’s smoky and rich with a lovely lingering heat. I use it in so many things these days and I think you’d love it 😉

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