Olney farmers market – worth a visit? Replete flatbreads

I used to go to a lot of farmers markets.. Lots.. I still always try to visit them when in a different country or place.. Yet had stopped going to the local ones..


Overpriced and samey.. You know the thing .. Home made sausages . Probably made in an industrial unit somewhere.. Preserves over priced and actually not that tasty.. Farm reared chickens, weird cakes and overpriced muddy veg.. Maybe yours is a different experience? Yet that is what was happening to me..

So it’s been a while..

Yet I have been tweeting with a company called replete flatbreads and I was intrigued by their product.. A stuffed flatbread.. Hmmmm

They said they would be at Olney farmers market so a visit was called for.. After all I needed to get my hands on these Wonderous breads..

After a fine breakfast of buttered scotch pancakes, the last of the Mr Fitz bacon .. All smothered in Maple syrup. Eaten in bed!

Hopped into the truck and off I set, Mrs Fitz not attending as she too has fallen out of favour with the local farmers markets.. Will this trip change our behaviours?

Managed to get a space to park.. That is one of the bonuses of driving a larger vehicle.. You can kinda pull up anywhere!

And of to the market.. It’s looking busy.. A good sign ? Or just the browsers in this quite cute market town??

Yet hey!

There’s an old pal that I haven’t seen for ages! John from franklins farm in Sandy.. Www.franklinsfarm.co.uk

They have THE best chickens and ducks in the whole of the United Kingdom period. And just take a looksie at the size of the chicken he had for sale! Father Fitz to me about franklins farm years ago.. And we used to always get the chicken from them. Thing is we kinda stopped eating so much roast chicken.. Maybe it’s time to start again.. Yet not now.. As the mission is to find replete flatbreads..

Passing all those regular stalls .. You know the ones I mean..

I did though spot a good looking sausage stall .. Browns gourmet sausages.. Selling some very interesting types of sausage.. Not too sure on some if the flavours.. Bananarama for instance.. Banana soaked in lime juice chopped red chilli, onion herbs seeds and spices?

Or the turning Japanese ? Consisting if pork , smoked salmon , wasabi and pickled ginger?

If they seem to tickle your fancy you can google them .. (Other search engines are available yet simply not as good!)..

Yet they have given me an idea.. A very gooey eyed deer.. Some research is required . .. Hmmmm

Anyways! Back to the search for replete flatbreads .. Pausing once to say hi to an elderly Basset hound called lolly.. Cute yet of course not as beautiful and regal as our pair of nutters.

And passing another bunch if samey stalls.. And of course the ones selling overpriced ‘home-cooked’ fare & tucker.. A good looking pie stall though I must admit.. I love the way they have cut open the pies so you can see the filling.. Clever!

And there they are!

Replete flatbreads.. Still don’t get the name .. Never asked.. Perhaps Ian will let us into that secret? Ian? (He said he reads the blog you see!)

So a quick introduction.. And of course the obligatory photo of proof. Small chat about why and how long they have been making and selling their produce. I purchased three of these strange looking buns.. the onion bhaji one had sold out already.. Good sign methinks..

Ended up with two patatas bravas and a feta and spinach for Mrs Fitz..

Am still intrigued by what they may hold inside..

On exiting the market.. And no my interest in attending them religiously has not been reinvigorated.. I picked up some overpriced purple sprouting broccoli, an over priced onion and four overpriced carrots..

So what where theses replete flatbreads like. Well heated them.. In the oven as per advice.. cut them open.. I have to say they do look pretty neat! A decent amount if filling.. And once warmed a good taste to the bread.. I think I would like to try a meat filling, yet think they only do veggie ones?

Anyhoo .. This is their site .. Www.repleteflatbreads.co.uk

The site is worth a visit.. Olney farmers market? No I don’t think so.. Sorry ..







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4 replies

  1. I love going to markets. That’s why I can’t wait for warmer weather. I find lots of things actually cheaper than in the stores. And towards the end of the afternoon, the farmers really start slashing their prices down.

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  2. Hi Mr Fitz, thanks for the review, sorry you missed out on the onion bhaji Kulcha, next time eh!, simple reason behind the name Replete, I used it as it’s dictionary definition covers exactly what my product was trying to achieve I.e. REPLETE – having much or plenty of something : filled with something. : having had plenty to eat : pleasantly full.

    Hope to see you around again, cheere Iain

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