Cottage pie & Moroccan meatballs

Homey food felt required .. What better to wrap you up in a loving food hug than cottage pie? And this one was a doozy for sure.. Made to a proper old school recipe.. With the tastes of old England and perhaps an edge of very fine boarding school suppers.

A simple medley of carrots, white onions, celery and stock.. And of course the beef.. Great beef from butcher Dave.. This was the remainder after making burgers.. Perfect of fat to meat ratio… That post is next.,

All fried together the simmered in the stock.. Tasting and smelling dubious indeed ! It truly is a comfort huggy dish..

A topping of boiled and mashed potato and swede.. Whooped and enriched with butter and an egg.. Seasoned and popped into my makeshift piping bag of a carrier bag..

Into the oven till golden.. Served with new season purple sprouting broccoli and petit pois.. Wonderful!!

Onto the next dish..

Why two dishes? Am two suppers out!!

This was a perfect dish off using the small amount of lamb trim left over from making kebab.. That’s the next post! (With the burgers) ..

I have had this seasoning packet for a while.. It’s made by spicentice.. looks like his stuff .. Easy enough measured out portions of seda and spices ..

Made some meatballs first adding nice things to the meat.. Left in the fridge to meld together.

Then the Moroccany bit..fried ghe onions as per instructions.. Added the meatballs.. And the other spices.. A can of tomatoes.. A splash of water .. Sprinkle of sugar as am not using dried apricots .. And a squeeze of shaky lemon juice.. Cooked till done.. About 25 minutes.. And served with rehydrated great scot cous cous..

Blinking fine meal that.











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  1. A generous helping of each is what I’d be asking for! Wonderful!!


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