And the award for best …

Goes to Mr Fitz!!!

Yay!! I would like to thank .. Etc etc.,

Actually not mine yet (ahem…)

Belongs to the Dallas Buyers club.. For best make-up. . Yet here I am, Mr Fitz once more travelling with the stars.

The star being the oscar of course right? Mind you.. Don’t they know who I think I am? Hahahahahaha ..

We are flying over to spend a few days across the pond, so to speak. Mrs Fitz has never been to New York so it’s a nice treat for the both of us..

Flying with Virgin Atlantic.. So what’s the food like? Plain? Or ‘plane..’

Actually rather good . You will se from the menu that it’s done well… We both went for the cottage pie … Of course not as good as recent ones we have eaten , yet of course! As they were Mr Fitz specials.. And of course that chef creation at bird of Smithfield with my attorney the other day..

Yet this was very good plane food .. Not plain at all.. Served well .. And tasty.. Sure I still had brought my own snacks.. It is an 8 hour journey after all!!

Yet this was pleasing.. The salad was good .. The dressing went well with it.. And I ate all the profiterole cake.. Who wouldn’t!! ??

Afternoon tea was also served.. A good quality selection of caramental, tyrells crisps .. Egg and cress sandwiches..

They had mayo though so no good for me.. Mrs Fitz liked them though.. And with the crusts cut off they felt proper!

And the nice Lollys !! And that makes Mr Fitz a happy bunny. I had Four!!

That’s what you get when you are nice to airline staff you see.. Rather than thinking you are above everyone else..(yeah that’s you chap in front seat if us.. YOU!!)

Then in arrival into JFK.. You get the big time wait through immigration.. No fast tracking here.. Pantaloons!

Two hours later and then into a mosh pit of a free for all to get luggage and go through the final agriculture check.. No lines here.. Just chaos..

Not a nice welcome into New York.. Mrs Fitz has already said that is one thing that would put her off coming back already..

Still we made it into Manhattan . Dropped the luggage off at our very nice hotel.. The Viceroy.. And it’s a superb hotel so far.. Really deceiving in size.. And very well appointed.. I could take one of these suites as an apartment for sure.. Just needs a couple if tweaks to the kitchenette .. Hmmm..

And dashed across town to catch once on Broadway.. Not as powerful as seeing it in the west end (London) .. Sneaky picture though.. Ok .. Bit the greatest one..

Shame yet still good..

Right then.. New York… HERE WE GO!!









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5 replies

  1. This is one awesome blog!


  2. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for checking out my block! I look forward to reading more of yours 🙂


  3. What a life!!! I must say it takes me back to my working days when I would fly all over the world never knowing what time it was and eating far too much with clients from 7.30 in the morning until 11 at night after a huge dinner in 5 star hotels. Do I wish I was doing it now? Definitely not. I’m so glad it’s all over. I am sure you will make the most it and enjoy every minute while you can. At least you have the lovely Mrs Fitz with you.
    Back here in balmy Milton Keynes I have cured the pork pieces, turning them every day as per your instructions and will hang them up in the garage tomorrow night. Lets hope they come up to your very high standards.
    See you next week!


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