Breakfast at the Brooklyn diner


So here we are in New York, staying at the Viceroy.. Which is really rather nice.. Very friendly staff.. Which always really helps..

Woke up at stoopid a-clock due to the time zone shift.. Did some work and needed breakfast. Do off we go to try the Brooklyn diner.. Just up the street,(sorry ‘block’ !).. From us ..

It’s a classic looking place, and is busy . We only have a ten minute wait though .. Taking our seats the order is quick.

I just have to start with a root beer gloat.. Had to you understand!

Then an iving and gina. Eggs baked inside bread . Anew meaning on French toast in way maybe? With peppers and onions and Italian sausage, marinara sauce and a side of home fries.. Ok.. Far too much I know yet had to do it!

Mrs Fitz being the far more sensible one in this outfit, orders the mexican eggs.. You know the one.. The one which won’t spell check right now!

And loves it.. Washing it down with coffees..

I of course couldn’t finish mine.. Yet liked ‘owning it’ . ..

Overall wax it worth it ? Probably not to be honest. Will hit up somewhere different tomorrow..

We are now off for a HUGE walk. Right the way down to 9-11 ..

Oh! And check out the size of this pineapple! Cool huh?

Wish us luck!






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2 replies

  1. Looking good in NY Mr Fitz!, Pops and I enjoyed the sausages thanks you. Pop cleared the plate! Xxxx


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