Toad in the hole & chanterelle pasta.

It was grand national day .. So I knew that something of stodgy qualities was gonna be needed..

After a marathon sausage making quest, did I mention I also turned out a couple kilos of pork and beef chorizo? And a couple kilo of venison? No? Well apologies .. Yet yes I did .. I did this I between going to place our annual bets .. And going to the local pub to watch the race..

Did we win? Nah.. Not this year.. Never mind..

Onto the required stodgy foods!

With a plethora of sausages ‘hanging’ about.. Some kinda of sausage dish had to be implemented right?

Inspired by a post I read by the Glasgow scullery., it was toad in the he for sure.. Problem was.. I was missing an egg. .. So having to knock on a neighbours door .. And offer a swap of a few dozen bangers, for one egg.. (Jan actually let me have two)..

So knocked up a batter with the addition of some herbs and seasonings.. Decided on using the welsh dragon sausages.. A new one on me.. The addition of leeks and chilli’s..

Not a bad banger to be fair .. Little too chilli for me though , I’ll be interested to see what others think., I have also used the same mix for the venison sausages.

Anyhoo browned off the bangers .. Poured in the batter and popped into the oven to do its thang till risen and golden. Made a quick onion gravy to go with it.. Thats me sorted..

Mrs Fitz though didn’t want (or need I suppose!) to go the full on stodge supper.. So what to make?

We are winding provisions down at the moment as we are off next week across the pond for a NYC experience..

So.. Store cupboard pasta it is then.. Very nice store cupboard pasta I must say!

A jar of chanterelle mushrooms provided the base, those jars are great to keep in the pantry.. (Pantry who am I kidding!) .. Those jars are great to keep in the cupboard . (Better!) .

Gently fried with garlic and rosemary paste.. A little oil.. And some hot dried Italian chilli.. A swirling of soft cheese at the end with a drop of water to loosen. And some very nice linguine..

Pasta done, toad in the hole done..

The required stodgy soaker upper for Mr Fitz?

Done x









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  1. My other half would chew the screen if he could see your Toad in the Hole!


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