Chinesey kinda supper

Easy good required ..

Quick tasty and easy..



Poached some diced chicken in a liquor of five spice, bay and chicken stock.. Not long at all..

Whooped up a batter of double dragon flour and extra bicarbonate ..

Perhaps a little too much bicarb.

Dunked chicken in.. Fried till golden..

Too much bicarb? Well the last batch suddenly started creating a big bubbly foam.. That I am very sure could have gig pretty dangerous!! So instantly off the heat.. Fished out the chicken.. And used a new clean spoon to dissipate the foaming mass!

As you may be able to understand .. I have no pictures of this.. !

Served with a sweet and sour sauce they were delicious indeed!

More needed. Still hungry..

Noodles required.. Rice noodles with boiling water poured over them.. Funny things these.. When warmed they make the most amazing rubbery ball!!

Yet when added to some pork mince fried with shallots. Mushrooms, Sweet pepper, and various spices and sauces. It becomes wonderful!

This was a star of a dish. It’s going into the must make again because I liked it lots pile…

Quicker than ringing the not-so-local takeaway.. Cool!










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2 replies

  1. This looks so delish! Laughing at your bicarb incident.. So glad you avoided disaster! 🙂


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