Sunday lunch leftovers = Pie!

Well hullo again.. it’s been a while huh?

Umm yeah.. apologies for that my friends.. been real busy with the urbankitchen and creating fabulous food adventures for our wonderful clients..

Heyhum.. let’s talk leftovers ..

These are Sunday lunch leftovers.. from a fabulous roasty chicken, stuffed with pork and herb stuffing.. oh and goose fat spuds.. well it has been rather cold right?

So having these leftovers not the prettiest looking perhaps yet oh my they are gonna be for sure..

What else? The asparagus..

A little bacon ( that escaped me when I had a little Scooby snack around twoam..).. ahem..

Some fridge foraged mushrooms..

Chopped up..

Ok.. all cooked up with torn out chicken and smudged up stuffing..

Until it goes down all gooey and nice.. the leftover gravy helped out here too!

Umm when using up leftovers for a supper like this it’s an easy life number.. cough cough.. so store bought puff pastry..

The leftover mixup cooked fast by simply placing outside.. then piled up high onto the pastry..

Like maybe a little too high..

Making the top a bit of a tricky business .. it got there though and with some tight up crimping .. ok this is artisan crimping right? Heheh and painting with beaten up egg..

Into the fridge to kinda set a while.. about two beers time .. hic..

then into the oven.. adding the leftover spuds while cooking.. that needs to happen real fast to avoid the pastry falling.. perhaps not ideal yet didn’t feel that turning another oven in was eco enough for this supper!


With those .. hmm HANG On! these are now triple cooked spuds right? Yeah… that’s what I am going with now anyways.. it’s my post so there..

Oh that’s some purple sprouting broccoli cooked down with water and butter buds.. gotta love those things!

Sorry what? I mean pardon.. ahem.. you want to see the inside of the pie?

Hey sure no problem.. here you go..

So there you have it.. using up left overs .. Sunday roast pie.. winner winner.. we’ll you know the rest right..

Love n hugz

Mr Fitz

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  1. Oh Mr. Fitz, I’m missing you! Hope you are having a wonderful time and ringing in the New Year!



  2. Good to have the blog back x

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