Beef wellington with wild garlic, wild chives and wild rosemary and more stuff .. it’s wild! For sure !! Ahem..

Now that’s a title of a post right?

Well the beef wellington, that supper party or posher lunch staple.. it used to appear everywhere yet not so much these days..

And why is it making this appearance? Well after bumping into Mrs Fitz’s boss Lisa Templeton in a store and asking if I should make straight up steak or beef wellington.. you can see where that conversation went right?

dunno why we don’t make this more often really as it’s pretty simple to make really.. a bit of time sure yet not that much and it’s really is fabulous indeed..

The meat of course has to be the best you can lay your hands on.. and this was a lovely bit of middle fillet scored from a pal of mine..

the wild garlic, chives and rosemary? Foraged from the garden..

How lucky are we!!?? These originally started as those small pots scored from the store .. that was many years ago now.. they really are truly wild! The wild garlic? .. umm mebbe a small piece planted it’s self up by the top shed a number of years ago.. ahem.. cough cough..

now let’s get a couple of things clear straight off the bat.. this is not a classical straight from the cookery books recipe.. many may say that it requires pate, bacon.. or other elements.. sure go for those if you wish.. this is what I wished and that’s that.. ok? Heheh

So first some lovely button chestnut mushrooms.. chopped yet not to fine.. fried in butter and olive oil.. with a little shallot and the foraged herbs..

The addition of the truffle salt is just groovy..

that piece of fillet was browned off .. just a few minutes each rolling side.. cooled and perched on top of more wild garlic leaves and the off the clock fabulous shroom mix..

rolled up in plastic wrap..

Popped into the freezer to firm up again..

then the pastry ..

store bought.. didn’t have the feeling for making a rough puff number..

Brushed with whipped up black tail egg wash..

And into the oven.. along with..

Red local potatoes .. and golden beets ..

And a veg of broccoli.. the purple sprouting one.. when did that become so popular?

Melted anchovies in butter and Chinese pepper.. half a bulb of soft garlic..

A little reverse osmosis water sprayed on them to help the cooking.. these are seriously fabulous .. even better with some toasted almond slices.. umm we are all out of them right now..

Roast beets and sounds done.. yummy yum yum dandy doodle ..

The welly?

Oh my giddy aunt..

A gravy made of beef stock, steak trimmings, mushroom stock and cream..

And finally as Lennon said..

All together now..

Happy out indeed..

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