It’s springtime? Let’s roll!

Springtime ? Hmm well I suppose it is …

So they say.. ( who the heck are they) anyways? Huh?

Never mind that let’s ROLL!

Spring roll!

With leftover Thai namtok from another wonderful clients event..

that’s one of the bonuses of having a private & corporate catering business you see! Not only do you get to make fabulous foods you also get occasionally glorious leftovers..

first the Thai thingy.. spring lamb.. cooked up with seriously fabulous spices.. (scored from our nearby Asian superstore )..

It’s hot sour sweet and spicy and then adding some crunch and freshness of beansprouts peas and baby corn ..

Now it’s time to roll up .. using wrappers.. springy wrappers ( is that where the name comes from?)…

It’s an easy affair ..

Just keep on going till you get a stack!

Then out with that trusty uncle bens wok.. we got that in the year 2000 with two free sauces! Maybe I should get ahold of them as after 18 years that’s gotta be a record right?

And taaadaaa bangabangaboomboom !


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  1. These are calling my name! What a great way to use up a little leftover anything!


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