Playing with your food … southern fried porkyness

After landing up with a hand of pork.. yup pigs do indeed have hands.. a good cut .. wanting a blast of heat and then on the low down for .. ummm I think I went for about five hours..

the end result? Freakin fabulous porkyness.. so soft and tender you could eat it with a spoon.. or just tear into it like I did.. was it originally destined for a supper? Nope .. a base for another wonderful client? Nope… just cooking for the hell of it…

so after gorging on it and seriously enjoying it.. it’s time to play … play with fabulous foods…

rightyhoo I think that’s enough of an ‘intro’..

let’s talk about this number.. I decided to go with first hooking up the porkness with some flavours..

are you ready?

Like really really ready?

Ok here you go then..

first up.. some awesomeness from this delightful paste..


Then some of this ..


By the way I have no gooey eyed deer ( say it fast)… on why this font has now changed ? Humph! My apologies .. blame WordPress .. aha! Think I have fixed this now..

Right now we have the most fabulous tasting off the chain .. it needs some more things doing!

So let’s coat it in southern fried powder! A natural fit right?

Fried off in veg oil in the uncle bens historical wok..

Maybe a just a leetle too long.. never mind..

They were fabulously delicious !

And into a leftover toasted wrap with a little salad..

And it’s a winner indeed!

That’s going on the menu for a wonderful client. For sure!

Stunning ..

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  1. That looks great! I love pork cook like this…


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