Double baked potatoes

Double baked spuds are the best .. I reckon so anyways..

Rubbed with mrs Middletons Lebanese pimped herb oil . Dusted with fine sea salt , skewered and into the oven on the rack .,

They would to be fair more than adequate at this stage.. and of course would make the finest mash .

Yet scooped out minding your fingers and hands! (these are hot potatoes after all!).. butter, taco seasoning and flower salt added.. Popped back into the shells.. if you decide just on the mash then do reserve the skins and crisp them up in hot oil.. Brilliant skins!

Pop them back in the oven.. To go with them? For me it’s using up the last of the Mr Fitz home cured bacon. sour cream and garden chives.. For Mrs Fitz it’s the classic tuna sweetcorn and mayo number .. Jolly green giant of course!

A chopped salad with a French dressing makes this a lovely supper .

I do like the double baked spud.. It ain’t humble!








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  1. Did you put the Carlsberg in the potatoes and if so, isn’t that really why you reckon they’re the best?


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