Easy fish pie & Christmas turkey nuggets

Fish pie.. Some people just dig it.. I don’t.. So I made this for Mrs Fitz.. I have been hard gardening.. Like seriously hard.. Why mention it?

Because I ache like a big achy thing.. (Getting there though, the ‘vision is happening’ !)..

Boiled Mozart red potatoes .. One of the finest for mash.. When cooked mashed and butter, pepper, Mediterranean flower salt added and left to cool just a while..

The mix is a defrosted pre chopped up pack of mixed fish .. Bought on a yellow ticket. Great reduction different store! (Coop not waitrose!)..

This pack was less than one English pound!

Poached in a parsley sauce with French beans until the sauce is thickened.. Into a dish with the mash dolloped on top..

Into the oven to brown a little ..

Seriously good fish pie.. Seriously no effort!! (And seriously no money!) ..

The Christmas turkey nuggets?

I found some of the turkey wings bought on Christmas Eve!!

So cut out some of the meaty bits..

Dredged in southern fried coating..

Fried off and let drain in the ikea brown paper.. (it really is the best!)..

Served with a sauce made from bottled salsa and mint sauce.. Don’t ask why it just works!!

And some skinny fries of course!!

So there we have it.. Simple easy peasey fish pie.. Skinny fries with Christmas chicken nuggets.. And the perfect sauce to go with them..

I still feel achey… More to do… Sheesh!







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  1. Posting a fish pie myself today, must be the season. Was a first for me and was delicious.


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