Chicken wings- buffalo style

What is it about chicken wings?

There is just something that makes them so good to eat.. Considering they are not used to fly just to flap about..

Me and my attorney were in Niagra one time and gazed longingly across the bridge at buffalo . There it was across the way.. Yet just a bridge too far.. Great trip that one.. The ice wine festival was amazing!

I also have to admit to attending that ‘family’ chicken wing joint.. Hmmm what’s the name of it again…shooters? pooters? Nooters? The name escapes me! ….Yet I was there for the wings and beers only I swear !

Well it’s the Fourth of July and also fiesta friday.. So something as a nod to those across the pond has to be in order..

There will be a few posts about the foodage.. Yet this one is about the wings..

There are a gazillion ways of cooking wings.. This is my favourite and simple too..

First get the oven on.. For my Stars and Stripes pals that’s 500 degrees.. (About 250 in real money)

Chop the tips offa the wings, they only burn up.. feed the tips to the expectant hounds ..

Drizzle some pimped Mrs Middleton’s Italian chilli and roscoff garlic oil over them..

Into the oven till poppy and crispy. ..

Immediately toss them in the wing sauce .. And I make no apologies .. it HAS to be Franks.. After all that’s where it all started right?

These rock! Like finger sucking rock..

Happy fourth.. Da da daaa daa da da.. Happy fiesta friday too!





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15 replies

  1. Beautiful and delicious chicken wings! 🙂


  2. I’d have serious problems to stop eating these chicken wings! We’ll enjoy a lot at FF! Thanks for participating!


  3. Delicious! Wings are always perfect for parties!! So I am sure the crowd at the Fiesta is going to enjoy them a lot! Thanks for bringing them along! And hope you had fun partying with everyone else! Sylvia


  4. You can’t go wrong with a well done chicken wing! A fiesta food indeed!


  5. I hate chicken wings, not enough meat, and for a meaty man I am surprised you like them 🙂


  6. Yum…the flats are my favorite part! Wings are already on my menu…..


  7. These chicken wings look absolutely delicious!
    Happy Fourth! And Happy Fiesta Friday!



  1. Fiesta Friday #23|Happy 4th of July! | The Novice Gardener

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