Porky goodness.. Ribs!

Feeling all American .. The wings were great .. after wings though must come ribs..

A great rack of ribs from butcher Dave.. Got him to whip off that paper like piece on the underside .. it’s really worth doing .. Makes the ribs much better eating.. and dusted with oriental salt and pepper ‘glaze’..

Wrapped up nice and snug in foil..Cooked low and slow .. Like really low and slow! Then left wrapped up tight to bathe in the residual heat..

Unwrapped my porky present..

Yummy yum Yums!!!

The ribs just pull apart yet the flesh still has some bite to it.. Perfect in my book .. I do like ribs..

A sauce would be good as a dipper..

Have kept half the rack..

Hmmm /mmmmm saucy ribs… YEAH!20140705-155635-57395910.jpg




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16 replies

  1. Chicken wings and ribs… I love them both! I couldn’t ask for more! Thanks once again for bringing it to FF!


  2. Never thought that it can be remove that easy, I mean that paper like piece on the underside of the pork ribs. I will try it next time! =)
    Thanks for sharing Mr.Fitz!


  3. I love ribs! This looks delicious 🙂


  4. Yum, I love ribs!! I never cooked them either though, but I like to eat them when I’m out – so delicious! A perfect recipe for the Fiesta! Thanks for sharing with us! 😉


  5. Yum. Saucy ribs, cooked low and slow? Great way to celebrate the weekend. Happy 4th!


  6. I love ribs, never cooked them though…scary looking!



  1. Fiesta Friday #23|Happy 4th of July! | The Novice Gardener

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