Last of the Sunday beef= katsu curry

So let’s figure this out..

Four big beefy ribs.. Very cheap..

Have so far yielded :

Two big Sunday suppers..

7 pasties.. Delicious.. (Two given away to a chap that had leant me an extension lead.. ), two left for lunch..

Hmm not bad going!

Yet there is one more meal left to get out of this..

A Japanese katsu curry.. Much milder than an Indiana type curry.. I didn’t know that it was so popular in japan..

I think normally served as a sauce over crispy pieces of breaded chicken.. Well this ain’t no chicken dish..

It’s beef katsu curry with French beans and udon noodles.. And it’s lovely!

The beef chopped.. The white onion chopped.. Fried.. The jar of blue dragon Japanese katsu curry sauce.. Added… You know what ? Sometimes the jars of sauces you can get.. And some of the pastes are amongst the best tasting things around.. Sure it’s always lovely to create it all from scratch.. Yet as a storecupboard staple.. They are cool ..

And this one is very cool in our book..

Udon noodles simply stir fried with kikoman stir fry soy sauce..

Noodles meets beef katsu curry..


I gotta say it.. Those beef ribs have served us blinkin well indeed!

And what a lovely sky outta the bedroom window..





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  1. I love looking at your food pics. They’re always so tempting.


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