Sunday beef leftovers = pasties!

Those beef ribs were stunning.. Truly tender and so so delicious.. A seriously great piece of beast..

So to give them a second outing .. (That’s always the best thing about leftovers!).. Have gone for pasties..

Ok.. There is always had big debate over ‘proper’ Cornish pasties.. I am not even gonna go there..

This is an easy cook .. Brilliant for leftover meats Mr Fitz special ..

I anted to make up the pastry all my self.. Yet was out of plain flour and the local store was also out! So it’s a dry mix packet pastry.. So you still need to do a little work!

That mixed .. Kneaded and left to one side .. it’s onto the filling.

That gorgeous beef ., it carves with a spoon! chopped roughly and added to a drained can of mixed veg.. A can ?

Yup it’s exactly what you need for this… a mix of potato carrot swede and peas.. All pre cooked in a can.. For like.., no money at all! ok you can argue about vitamin loss and stuff.. It ain’t about that.. it’s about ease, speed and being the right product for the job!

all mixed together and a couple of pinches if this and that added to enhance it..

Badly roll out the pastry .. Ahem..

Filling in.. Fold over.. Make the pretty pattern with a fork.. It not only looks pretty cool it also makes the pastry stick together ..

Brush with whooped up egg..

Hole in the top to let the steam out.. Into the oven until pastry is cooked..

Remember the filling is already cooked.,

Left to cool on a wire rack .. Eaten while too hot in that puff puff mouth thing that happens when you eat things that are too hot..

Brilliant leftovers recipe.. For pennies..






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  1. I was considering pasties the other day with my leftover lamb but I went with shepard’s pie. Why mess with perfection? I will have to try pasties one day, when I can bare to forgo my pie. These look great!


  2. Pasties/Meat Pies are one of my favorite foods ever, these look and sound great!


  3. They look good!



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