Sunday lunch BEEF RIBS!!

Ok.. This is a quick post..

Why? Because I’m a day late and the leftovers have already become great dishes !

I need to tell you about the start though right?

It’s big beefy ribs.. Bought on a red ticket that means that were like £3.99 a kilo.. Now that is proper cheap.. Yet that is what these really should be!! (Take note my butcher pals!!)

Seared .. Popped into the oven for three hours with a little stock..

Taken out veal jus powder dusted over the top.. Back into the oven to crisp..

The spuds.. Par boiled .. Into goose fat.. After a small seasoning of a strange roast potato seasoning ..

Found in the cupboard.. Looked good .. Think it’s just wheat flour with seasoning..

Then yorkshires.. In iberico pork fat.. Regular mix.. Flour water .. Stuff ..,

Google it… (Sorry)

A gravy .. Meat juice and more stuff ..

Sweetcorn (although I don’t agree with that , my Canadian friends say that’s fine)..

And green beans .. French..

Whole heap if stuff comes together to make a great Sunday supper..

Mrs Fitz had a hard flight home.. So loved the supper I left for her ..

Now.. Heats the Sunday supper.. Check out the leftover recipes..,

Oh and we got given blueberry muffins from the neighbours.. Frickin delicious !!

Cool! 20140630-200816-72496049.jpg








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