Sunday breakfast

I have a chap coming over to chop down some trees.. Unfortunately the apple tree has to come down.. It’s been overtaken by the ivy.. The apples have never really been good enough for eating.. The neighbours tree always seems to yield great apples.. I get apple envy..

Anyways.. When you have nice people coming over to help you out then the minimum you must do is provide a breakfast.. Or a spot of lunch dependent on the time of day I suppose..

So I made up some sausages.. Pork and beef.. Lots of herbs.. In lamb skins..

And I had cured a piece of belly.. So ran that through the slicer..

All cooked up..

Baked beans added to a fried shallot with a smidge of garam masala..

Buttered Toast.. A fried egg and a cup of tea..

The hawthorn tree took a pasting.. The apple tree got away this time as the blade on the chainsaw got blunted !

The Mr Fitz bacon and sausages went real well!

Now it only we had a few chickens… Hmmmm






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  1. I always like to provide refreshments for tradespeople also, at least a cup of coffee or tea if they won’t eat. When we last moved I bought my removalists lunch. If we have friends come to help with something, I definitely provide a good meal. It’s just the right thing to do.


  2. Well, I’d have chopped down your trees if I knew you were making all that!


  3. I always feel sad when trees have to come down even though most of the time it is for the best – Even the hound was looking mournful!! I hope you are going to replace it with something more fruitful when it does finally come down? Saussies looking very good as do the beans!


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