Mrs Fitz steak pie..

I am a very lucky chap to be with Mrs Fitz..

After my journey back from Paris .. And a stupidly expensive cab ride home from the station.. (Dead battery meant I had to take a cab from the stand rather than calling the usual private hire.. Buzzards! NO!! Vultures.. Yeah that’s it.. Vultures.. Preying on nice people like me who need transport late at night… Humph! )

Anyways.. Got through the door after getting great love from the hounds..

And Mrs Fitz had made a steak pie for me.. Just want you need after a long travel and a rainy night… Brilliant!

The meat was also accompanied by stealth veggies.. They appear to have snuck in with the meat and gravy..

Didn’t anyone check their id first?? Ah well good for you I guess x hahaha ahhhh

Am having it again for supper..



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