Lunch in Paris ..

Needed to eat as last post!!

Blood sugars crashing hard!!

Saw a great gourmet burger truck outside in the street.. Stole the opportunity to purchase and snaffle.. A real good steak hache in a brioche bun.. Green stuff and tomatoes..

Brilliant!! Ummm slight prob though..

We then had lunch!! Was offered salmon.. Although looking great and my dining pals saying it was good I just don’t like swimming with the fishes..

So .. They offered me a chicken ‘kebab’.. A kind of hybrid number I suppose a cross between a Mexican wrap and a roti.. Quite plain yet quite nice..

My pal had a burger instead of the salmon.. Ooppps!! This was not like I had just had!! It was proper raw.. Like tartar!! Uh oh!!! He couldn’t stomach it..I don’t blame him!!

And a nice apple tart to finish… Yet perhaps Paris is not the land of cakes anymore.. Humph x

I did then though try and break into the safe.. No luck ..








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  1. thanks Mr. Fitz for dropping by my blog! I love this post as you can see- all things French of Course.


  2. That menu looks awesome! I work on a French food truck in atlanta! If your ever in the area come check us out!


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