Lunch in Paris ..

Needed to eat as last post!! Blood sugars crashing hard!! Saw a great gourmet burger truck outside in the street.. Stole the opportunity to purchase and snaffle.. A real good steak hache in a brioche bun.. Green stuff and tomatoes….. Read More ›

Baked Salmon

We had a really long walk, for us, about 5 miles, It took us just over an hour. We felt great but took the bus back, using our senior bus passes. Feeling quite knackered after that so looked for something… Read More ›

Supper Fish Friday

In good ol’ fashioned sense we had fish for friday… Me lemon sole goujons.. (Adult fish stix! X), Mrs Fitz little salmon ‘bites’.. Fresh chips from cypriot spuds.. Crinkle cut of course! And that stokes ketchup.. Boy that is good….. Read More ›