Military dinner in Paris

Went to the military officers building thing here in Paris … Good building.. Bad food.. Sorry I have to say it again .. Bad food

A really strange starter of salmon trimmings with canned mandarins.. With a mascarpone coffee flavoured shot kind of affair.. Didn’t eat it

Then a vegetable soup.. Tepid to say the least.. With a strange cold herbed butter in the middle and too much parsley…

Am I being mean?

Nope.. I really am not. My dining companions felt the same..

Then a luke warm duck.. With a Luke warm polenta cake with olives..

Nope.. Embarrassing .. Our host was the head of catering .. She was mortified!!!

Desert? Paris the land of cake?? We get breakfast!!

A porridge granola base with cream and chopped kiwi

I hate writing meals like this.. Sorry.. Am real hungry now.. C’mon lunchtime!!







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  1. No one said that food is good everywhere in Paris. You got a raw deal. Excellent food can be found in Paris but it is soooooo expensive. I am, and still, Paris born. Cheers


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