Steak & Mushroom pie for Mrs Fitz

Mrs Fitz.. Full of snots an cold.. In Eire.. Me & Mr Wentworth missing her x

So.. Make a pie!

Steak … Already braised.. Mushrooms slowly fried with those lovely roscoff onions, garlic shoots, soy and thai fish sauce (as a replacement for worcestershire yet also following the classic oyster number)..

Pie mix done.. Gone. For a short short pastry.. Mind you .. Took me 3 attempts to ‘size’ the tray!.. Pastry in a heavy buttered tin! (As per pic)…

Rolled out to just less than a Two Euro coin thickness.. Very creative cutting of trimmings.. I Love Mrs Fitz.. Yeah that is what is says x. Ahem

In oven.. Feck! Forgot glaze.. Shoot is refuse day tomorrow and already cleansed out the ‘magic’ oven.. (Fridge).. X

Ok.. Not a nice bit.. Searching bin.. Got last of milk.. Is it ok? Sniff…. Yup! Yay!

Not much though yet glazing the already cooking pie.. Does that work? Dunno.. X

In oven at 200 degrees.. Thought a little too hard without a blind bake so down to 175.. 40 mins should do.. X

Will be lovely x

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