Steak pie

Pie and ‘posh’ peas

last nights supper.. We have been hitting the steak hard recently.. so time to turn it down a notch.. a delicious steak pie! This pastry covered delight is store bought (on a reduced ticket) yet very very well done indeed!… Read More ›

Pie and mash

‎Something feels very English about pie and mash.. not just the cockney wistful dream about pie mash and liquor.. yet a good honest pie.. I test anyone to not like good pie.. like a decent stew.. yet thicker and encased… Read More ›

Steak pie supper

As I wrote before.. it’s kinda wintry here..‎.. actually not wintry.. more like autumn has just smacked us in the face! So pie for tea.. puff pastry topping (low fat pastry father Fitz.. used to be full butter an dripping!… Read More ›