Steak pie supper

As I wrote before.. it’s kinda wintry here..‎.. actually not wintry.. more like autumn has just smacked us in the face!

So pie for tea.. puff pastry topping (low fat pastry father Fitz.. used to be full butter an dripping! )

A wonderful mix of braised steak, carrots, peas and spuds..

Covered over.. baked till golden.. no heap of rise of the puff.. due to the lack of butter I reckon.. humph x

Great supper though and a good ‘nod’ to the oncoming fall x

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  1. Mr. Fitz!!!! There CANNOT, CANNOT be LOW FAT PUFF PASTRY! IT’S THE FAT THAT GIVES IT THE PUFFFFFFFF. Don’t worry about the cholesterol Lecithin tablets do the work. Better the PUFF than the POWF! Uncle Jack


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