Taco mix on Toast.. Moussaka and salad..

‎Got sent the Hairy Dieters cookbook today.. must be from Father Fitz.. he maybe a little concerned at reading some of my posts… ahem x

Left over taco mix.. on toast with salad.. dressed with Newmans ranch.. very nice actually.. and must fit in with Father’s concerns.. when I told my attorney about the book.. he laughed and also said there may be something in it.. perhaps we need to talk about insurance policies!!

Mrs Fitz had left over moussaka.. with the salad also.. feeling very virtuous ..

Oh and the taco shell with icecream.. Mrs Fitz idea.. great idea!! Crunchy taco shell.. mackays scottish icecream.. and just a drop of lyons golden syrup.. have you ever noticed the logo on that? A dead lion with flies all around it!! Have a look next time.. interesting..

So pie for tea.. x


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