Tacos for tea!

‎Had two pork chops needed eating.. ran them through the wonderful kitchen aid Mrs Fitz bought me as a gift.. it’s wonderful! And made sharp work of the chops..

So fried it off.. adding a sachet of taco seasoning mix.. and a cup of water.. added a pouch of “look what we found” Tees Valley Beef chilli con carne..‎ good mix man.. good mix

Salad, salsa and sour cream..

Into taco shells.. lots of salad.. very nice indeed..

Tacos rock!

Also those delicious Padron peppers.. simply fried in olive oil till charred.. some french sea salt.. lovely! (no kicker though!)

Oh! Had a bag of Pipers chorizo crisps in the pub also.. very nice beer snack! That’s my mate Barney holding them up.. and that’s Lee, Jimmy & Arthur outside the pub..


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