Warmy lunch..

‎As I wrote.. it’s miserable weather.. even for the ducks!

As I look outta the kitchen doors.. happy that I made the decision to make warming food.. the last Mr Fitz cumberland ring for me.. with mash and gravy.. moussaka store bought yet of best quality for Mrs Fitz..

That cumberland ring was lovely.. they are getting made again for sure!

Ooh it’s nasty weather here!!

Gonna make pie mix.. called my pal Jack.. asked his advice on the pressure cooker.. got a piece of braising steak ‎to use up.. added onion.. last of the PYO carrots.. some spuds and 225 ml of water.. a splash of worcestershire.. and steam on number two for 30 odd mins..

Was not sure.. yet it’s come out ok‎.. added the last of the onion gravy from Sunday.. add a 3 quarter can of peas.. you know what.. I like it.. and am amazed at how quick that the pressure cooker cooked that steak down so well..

So the future is steam power.. maybe I need to get a stove top hat… hmmmm x


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