BBQ.. last one? Mebbe?

‎While Mr Wentworth was on his playdate a pal of mine Del jokingly said as the weather turned sour above us.. “so I guess you going to go home and BBQ now!!?”

Well.. yes I did! Burgers in pittas.. from that stash I made a while back.. some of those chicken wings bought from the store..

A chopped salad dressed with Newmans balsamic.. the ‘hustler’ truly does make good cupboard products.. ‎!! Good guy methinks x

And for dessert? Popcorn dressed with butter sauce brought back from Chicago.. and popped in the best popper ever! A Christmas gift from Mrs Fitz.. ‎ a perfect ‘I just wanna a something snacky so what shall I have?’ gift maker..

Just pops enough.. and you don’t feel bad throwing it away.. x

Is it the last BBQ of the season? Hope not considering how much coal I got the other day!! (remember? X)

Miserable grey rainy weather now.. am having a wintry lunch‎ so I can feel that comfortee feeling ya need in times like this..

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