Spanish Rabbit with Chickpeas

Got this from my pal Jack.. he must be feeling better in himself.. that’s a good thing!

Rabbit not my thing.. nor chickpeas.. yet this reads really well.. and bringing the Rabbit back from Poland and finding half in ya freezer.. hmm something outts a movie that!‎ Hahhahah! X

Here goes: x

When I was rummaging through the freezer yesterday for something to eat I not only found the chicken feet I found a leftover half a rabbit that I brought back from Poland. My son in law’s grandfather breeds rabbits in Poland and this was left over from a previous meal. So what to do with it?

Searched the Internet and found a Spanish recipe that attracted me. It called for boneless rabbit bits and mine wasn’t. So first job fillet the rabbit. Not too difficult. Didn’t want to lose the flavour from the bones I fried them first in the wok, discarded them and added the meat till browned.

Added some chopped onion, garlic and chopped red pepper. When softened added some cayenne, cumin and paprika. Cooked them out and added a lot of chicken stock, as much white wine, half a can of tomatoes, some tomato paste and whole tin of drained chickpeas with a large handful of HG herbs.

Brought it to the boil then simmered it for about an hour. Quartered some potatoes and added them to the pot. Brought it back to the boil then reduced to a simmer for about 45 mins until potatoes are cooked.

Serve sprinkled with some chopped parsley.

Tasted like a gumbo. This would have worked well with chicken!!!!

What a great discovery in the freezer. Now going to freeze the leftovers for another day.

Can’t wait.

I wonder what tomorrow is going to bring!

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