Jamaican style patties/pasties

Having lots of kebab left over from the ‘Q’ the other day they couldn’t be thrown away..

I just couldn’t do that!

Yet what to make?

Hmmmm (ok I know that the title of this post gives it away.. Bear with me caller..)


As the beef is already kinda spiced up with Berber spices it has to be a spicy pastry of sorts..

Behold the mighty meaty Mr Fitz Jamaican inspired patty!!

Chopped up the meat and peppers..

Mixed with Jamaican curry powder.. It is different.. A good different .. Must make a mutton curry soon.. Hmmm

Some veal jus powder .. That stuff rocks! A chopped scotch bonnet .. (I wore gloves for that!).. Been there made that mistake before! Don’t know what I mean? Try it and see… Owwy owy ow ow!!

Loosened with a little reverse osmosis water.. Just to keep the meat moist and get a little gravy going..

Made a shortcut shortcrust.. Forgot to add the tumeric to give them that yellow colouring.. Is cool will brush with egg instead..

Rolled out what were kinda rounds.. Going rustic here.. You got love that huh? Do something slightly misshapen? Just call it rustic!! Hahha ha!!

Filling middle .. Pastry folded over..

Pressed together with a fork ..

Made neat with a knife..

Brushed with eaten egg..

Into the oven for just enough time to cook the pastry.. The filling is already cooked so no worries there…

I think these are just perfect to take over to fiesta friday.. And of course just perfect for a snack..







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32 replies

  1. It looks so delicious!
    Happy Fiesta Friday!


  2. Looks great! I didn’t know turmeric is what normally gives Jamaican patties that yellow colour… I had wondered. I’ll have to try to make them sometime.


  3. These look awesome! I would have to swap out the chilli for a more wimpy one though haha


  4. I love Jamaican flavors! 😛 I know I am going to like this A LOT!


  5. They look superb 🙂 Happy FF!


  6. Ahh…Mr Fitz. Your culinary creativity is above and beyond.. I love how you come up with these awesome meals! These pasties look absolutely amazing…and I could sit here right now and eat a few (or more) of them! Thank you so much for sharing this with us on Fiesta Friday! Awesome post! ❤


  7. Yum, Mr. Fitz! You are a man of many talents! These look great! 😀


  8. They look delish! What a great way to use up leftovers!


  9. Wow! Awesome! Love the way you created a gourmet dish from leftovers! Amazing creativity!


  10. I love Jamaican beef patties. Practically lived on them when I was on vacay in Jamaica. Turmeric in the pastry dough, never thought of that and that makes total sense how they get that vibrant yellow color. Love this, I will however do without the scotch bonnet, will replace with a wimpy pepper of some sort. (I am a wimp when it comes to heat)


  11. I love that whenever you have leftover meat you turn it into a meat pie of some kind- a man after my own heart lol These looks delicious, thanks for bringing them to Fiesta Friday 🙂


  12. Jamaican patties are really good. I always buy them from the caribbean restaurants however this looks much better.


  13. Oooh very clever I shall have some for lunch olease


  14. …and I know what you speak of with the chilli/no gloves comment.



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