Aiming for lebanesey type of supper..

Am thinking lebanesey type affair for supper.. Or at least around those parts.. 

First some salad of aubergine and peppers.. 

All grilled .. 


When good and soft and blackened .. 

Left to cool While the onion fried in olive oil.  Peeled and deseeded.. Chopped and all mixed together .. 


Smushed French garlic, caraway seeds, cumin powder , sweet paprika and some other bits added.. Finishing with balsamic vinegar.. 

Also a carrot and white cabbage salad.. 

Simply boiled together then tossed in rose harrisa , olive oil and dressed with coriander , cumin and salt.. 


Lamb kebabs made from ground lamb, onions and peas.. Mint and kofte seasonings.. 


Onto skewers.. 

 Onto flames !! 


Crisp on the outside , soft on the inside.. Cooked perfectly! (Ahem ).. 

A natural yoghurt, ridged cucumber , French garlic, lemon juice and fresh pomegranate sauce to go with.. And of course some chinichurri.  Also a warmed can of sobzhi ghormet stew with kidney beans and dried limes.. Smelt amazing! Didn’t really taste of anything! 

Flat Lebanese breads bought in.. And heated.. 


A great spread for a Midweek night supper.., 



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  1. hmmm I wish I was your neighbor! Those kabobs look amazing!

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