Super simple Sausage & chips supper

sometimes you just want something simple . This is a kinda sausage and chips with buttered bread.. 

The sausage meat that we had was pimped up with nutmeg, dried coriander, Bristol blend pepper and dried sage.. No skins just rolled in a mix of semolina and self raising flour.. Fried off .. 

The chips were made using up those hasslebacks..


Sliced through those wonderful edges.. 

And cyder vinegar drizzled over them..


Fried off in straight up Mrs Middletons oil.. 


Check out the colour on those huh????? 

With a token veg of canned peas and corn in butter.. With sliced buttered bread.. 


Loading it up.. With Tommy k and chimichurri sauce 


It super carbed me out.. I lay on the chaise lounge for two hours afterwards… 

(Liked it though!😉).. 

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