There’s a Pat in me kitchen what ima gonna do? 

It’s that time of year again.. The end of summer .. When we are fortunate enough for my Godson Patrick Starsky to still want to come visit.. He catches a coach and it takes over six and a half hours! 

Good lad.. Well he has indeed got longer since last year..

Longer is good though as it means I can get him to reach more stuff for us! 

So for his first supper it is pork schnitzel .. Great pork loin.  


Cut into chunks and beaten out thin.  (Inside a carrier bag makes this easier).. 


Then popped through a ‘carwash’ of borrowed egg from the pub.. And golden crumbs, 


‘Patted’ down.. Ahem.. 

The cyprus potatoes cut into crinkle cut rounds.. This made Mrs Fitz look away as she was expecting fresh pat fingers and stuff to start flying about .. Having coached Patrick through it we got away with it this time! 

Look no ‘red’ stains on the chips! 

Boiled with white vinegar first.. 

Then fried in Uncle Bens wok.. 


Twice for good measure.. 

While the chips were resting getting ready for a second dunk, the pork is fried off.. All in regular Mrs Middletons oil of course! 

And.. Taaa daaaa! 


Supper is served.. ( we shared a can of peas and sweet corn as the token veggies).. 

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2 replies

  1. Ha. I remember that kid.
    Dinner is looking good homies 👊


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