Pat makes sausages welsh dragon & merguez-esque

I couldn’t let my godson Patrick leave our house without him making sausages..

First the style?

Two types ..

The first for supper..

Welsh dragon..

British Belly pork ( of course all our meat is antibiotic free and grass at least fed! .. Hmm do pigs eat grass? )..


Expertly minced..


Welsh dragon seasoning ..


Into lamb skins.. A great learn for Patrick!!


Water added too.. ( how else do you get the ‘bang ‘ into bangers huh?

And twisted up.. That’s tea sorted ..

Fur the merguez .. Lamb chopped up.. The ras al hanout from father Fitz’s trip to morocco.. Funny that.. Smuggled over to Amsterdam then sent to me!!


Paprika added..


Twisted up.. Of course using the cupboard handles to assist!


And a job very well done. !


Cyprus potatoes crinkly chopped up..


Fried three times in uncle bens wok..


Drained on ikea brown paper of course..


And enjoyed indeed !

A slice of Mrs Fitz’s lemon cake with daim ice cream and a small glass of haig club..


(Patrick didn’t drink his so I did… )

Ahem ..

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10 replies

  1. So fun! Now there’s a day your young Patrick will never forget! 🙂

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  2. Very impressive linking skills! Nicely done!


  3. Damn good effort from Patty!!! And a happy merry belly filled christmas to you and yours my friend!

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  4. annndd the coolest Godfather prize goes to Mr. Fitz!!

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  1. There’s a Pat in me kitchen what ima gonna do?  | Cooking with Mr Fitz

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