Patricks pie

We are lucky enough to have my Godson staying with us for the weekend.. Mr Wentworth and Vora Murley have thoroughly enjoyed having Patrick around.. Anew cuddle friend!

Patrick has an Australian Mum and a welsh/English dad.. So he must have good pie making genes in his DNA structure..

Patrick made a 6 hour journey on his own to come stay with us , so we are very proud of him. ( you know I am writing that as he will be reading this…).. Yet we are truly proud ..

I get a cooking buddy..

And get to make Pie..

Proper pie with proper meat..

And a seriously good pastry..

Th meat first.. The inbetweeny bit of the ribs .. A cut that is wonderful !! It came off a great bullock…



And was expertly browned off by Patrick..


Before adding carrots and onions.. Teaching Patrick how to not chop his fingers off.. Stock and water.. Plus fresh rosemary chopped fresh from the garden by Patrick..


Sauce flour added , water and then locked up in the pressure cooker.. (I got to do a proper science speech with Patrick for that bit!)..

The pressure cooker is great for this sort of thing as you can get a great effect in twenty minutes only..


Time for the pastry.. Awesome pastry!

600 grms plain flour.. 200 grms beef dripping.. 100 grms French unsalted butter .. And a little water.. All whizzed up in the JO processor..


Kinda rolled up and popped in the fridge to get its groove on.

Rolled out and cooled meat filling put in top.. None of that blind baking malarkey !



And Ahhh wahh lahhhh … !

Patricks pie..


Inca bella roasties in mrs Middletons oil.. And peas and green beans..


Proper pie… Delicious!

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21 replies

  1. Great to have a cooking buddy. Especially the enthusiastic kind.


  2. Well done Patrick! what.a.pie

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  3. Awesome post! Love the shot of him with knife and rosemary in hand- that’s one serious pie maker! Love it!

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  4. Great post! and well done to Patrick, he should definitely keep cooking more and trying different recipes! 🙂

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  5. He’s so cute. 😀
    I am sure he will be like you – a great cook. Thanks for bringing Patrick to the party. Have a great week. 🙂

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  6. Help in the kitchen and the kid has a cracking Thrasher hoody!

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  7. I do agree that your godsom has great pie genes. Well done!

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  8. That looks like a great pie! I hope my 6yr old can make something like that when she’s his age!

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  9. Looking great – catch them early is all I can say 😉

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  10. Well done Patrick



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