Sweet potato & bubble cottage pie.. 

First lets get this straight.. 

Shepherds pie is from sheep.. Cottage pie is from cows.. Ok.. (Yet why do you not call multiple sheep Sheeps? )😶

So the mix is made from ground cow.. (Let’s call that beef from now on huh!).. 

With great pink onions and carrots.. There is something deeply satisfying about adding carrots.. It’s an added sweetness I think.. Yet cow , sorry ‘beef’.. Goes so well with carrots.. Hmm .. 


All cooked up then a medley of herbs and seasonings , condiment related.. And I like to let it blip away on the slow cooker.. For a few hours.. Adding fine French beans and peas towards the end.. Just to let them warm through from the freezer.. 

The topping made by using up some bubble and squeak.. And mixing with the scooped out remains of the roasted sweet potatoes, the last of the homemade butter adds a creaminess.. 


Individual ones going on here.. 


Then sprinkled with semolina flour.. For an extra crunch.. 


Baked in the oven to really just reheat nicely.. Chef Ping never does these justice.. 

 All the veggies are already tucked inside.. So no need to get worried about doing more.. 


Ok.. So it’s supposed to be a wintery dish.. It’s summer.. We don’t have summer.. This is England! The days of ginger beer and long hazy days on the river? Nah… Ahh well.. 😉 

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  1. Wonderful! Sorry to hear about your British summer; hot and sunny in Colorado 😉

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