Chimichurri pulled pork ‘tacos’ With hot salsa(accident)…

needed to eat up freezer food.. 

So we have one of the great pulled pork pots left..

A salsa to go with.. With these great mixed tomatoes.. 


That’s pink onions.. Garlic.. Herbs, smuggled Mexican chilli and lime powder. And valantina sauce.. 

Now I think the green chilli I also added was much hotter thank I thought.. Because this was banging! Even adding a little sherry vinegar, lemon juice and sugar didn’t calm it down.. !! Sheesh! 

Still! Onto the tacos .. 

Flour, smuggled Mexican maseca also.. Upon reflection smuggling back four kilos of a powder all taped up from Mexico City may not have been one of my best ideas! Stil it meant I have it!

With some baking powder.. And a little salt.. 

 All whoozed up in the food processor ..

And little balls made.. 

Rolled and cooked in Mrs middletons neat oil.. 


An attempt to get them to fold over .. By putting them hot into a rolling pin.. 

 Did it work? 

Umm not really.. 


Tasty though! Not greasy at all! 

With everything on the table with of course extra chmichurri..


All out onto the table..


With some Greek yoghurt.. 


Lovely supper indeedo.. 👐

Is it Sweden that has Friday night taco night? I think so.. What a great idea!! 



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