#blythburgh hand of pork -you get what you seek and pay for! 

Hand of pork. 

A stunning piece of meat, particularly when it’s of the finest quality , this meat really is the best free range pork in the UK in my view.. And that’s where when you seek you will find.. And of course pay.. Yet man it’s worth it! 

This changes things, reminds you that simply roasting a piece of meat can provide one of the most delicious flavourful things you can possibly eat.. 

Pork is often derided.. I reckon it’s simply because most people eat ‘bad’ low quality pork.. 

This piece of piggy will make the best cracking and yield juicy tasty meat.. The best of all words!

Seek out the best you can .. Please do.. You will not regret it! ✌️

So here it is.. The bone part wiggled with a knife to free the bone later.. And scored up good and proper,. 


Rubbed with fresh thyme and Atlantic sea salt.  That salt has a depth of lip smack in flavour.. 

Into a hot oven for twenty minutes.. 

 It will ‘blow up’ a little.. 

Then simply turn the oven down to like 140 degrees real money (UK)., 

And cook that hand for a minim of four hours.. 

Turning back up for about a further fifteen mins.. 


And look what you get!  



That bone slides right out.. 

And with the addition of sweet potato fries.. A salad and some blackened corn..

  Let’s look at the pork once more huh? 

And the best thing about this deliciousness ??

The ‘nigella’ moments.. And I had a few through the night for sure.. And another while writing this.. 


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