Cyprus wedges #smashburger style and #blythburgh pork tacos with turtle beans and 0% Greek yoghurt dressing #delightfullleftovers 

remember the best thing about cooking that hand of most excellent #blythburgh pork? 

Extras left over !

Only so much Nigella snacking me and the hounds can manage..

So it’s turned into tacos… Wonderful taco mix.. Pulling the pork to fine shreds.. Adding taco seasoning.. 


Of course stuck in the #unclebens wok.. Some extra onion I think.. Hm not sure  I know water was added.. And of course the can of turtle beans.. Why oh why did I just discover them in the last few years? 
This is an awesome way of using that excellent pork.. And ummm eating the last of the salty cracking while drinking cold beer/s.. 

And onto the wedges.. 

Cyprus spuds the best for this cause.. Anointed with garden Rosemary , Mexican oregano from my attorney, ( almost out of that!).. Fresh thyme French garlic and a ‘cooking’ spray made from one part Mrs middletons regular oil and  five parts reverse osmosis water , into a spray mister gun thingy ..


Roasted off.. Hard and delicious.. This is my attempt at that smash fry recipe.. It’s not far from it I reckon!

Corn hard taco shells oven baked.. A salas/salad made from the leftover sweetcorn in the cob, baby toms, a red Romano pepper , heritage Scottish carrots , green onions and seasoned rice wine vinegar.. 

And that zero percent Greek yoghurt whooped up with smoked Spanish , paprika Turkish urfa pepper and salt and of course Bristol blend pepper.. 


Check these out ..



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  1. Pork tacos are the best way to use up leftover pork! A little goes a long way 🙂

    I love how generous you are with the yoghurt sauce. I’m all for saucy tacos, dry tacos make me sad.

    This post would make a great addition to Our Growing Edge this month, a monthly link up for new food adventures, especially posts using new ingredients and or recipes. More info here:


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