Quick time queema : keema & breads

quick queema? 

Yup real quick..

Brown ground meat with pink onions and garlic and ginger..for extra speed add water.. It breaks down the meat whilst browning steaming and cooking..

Adding fantastic mixed spice from national..

And fresh curry leaves. And frozen petit pois..


Pop a little more water in. An a lid loose atop..

A quick dough of atta flour.. Made with salt and warm water..


Rolled out.. Then cooked up on the iron flat plate..

 Seconds each side.. Wrapped in baking paper to keep warm while more are made.. 

The keema looking great.. Gods bless that #unclebens free gift wok.. We have had it since 2000! And it came free with two jars of sauce.. Winner!


Some sweet potatoe fries oven cooked.. And a chopped salad made up.. All with a dollop of 0% Greek yoghurt..


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  1. Thank you for your participation and support for October 2015 Our Growing Edge. The round-up post is up at: http://iamthedreambaker.blogspot.sg/2015/11/our-growing-edge-october-2015-round-up.html. Looking forward to your continuos support! Cheers.


  2. You have been going crazy with the bread making! I am very impressed. Is the photo taken near to where you live? It seems like a lovely place to walk.

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    • It is a bit of a mad spurt! I think it’s because normally we don’t really eat bread yet this is so light on the tummy! Yup that photo is real close to where we live, we are very lucky to have lots of walks like that


  3. I had to look up keema – it sounds delish! It also sounds like a great way to get something delish on the table!

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  4. This looks delicious! A free wok? I would say you were a winner. I don’t have one but could have used it several times over the years.

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