Paprika pakoras and a rib eye for Mrs Fitz

i snacked a lot .. So wasn’t that hungry.. For some reason I just couldn’t stop snacking.. I think it’s either:

A: I am getting a cold..

B: something else..

I am going for a possible A..

)I have a remedy for that coming soon.. ( found some chicken carcasses in the deep freezer).. 👏)

Continued snacking was required.. 

So what better than pakoras? Or potato fritters? You get the idea right? Something crunchy, warmy, and fried.. Ahem..

Start with gram flour as the batter.. With garam masala, coriander leaf and turmeric plus salt of course!

And just the one potato ..

That’s all that is needed.. 



Dipped in the batter ( that’s whooped to about the consistency of good cream)..

And into hot Mrs middletons straight up oil..

 Spun a couple of times in the oil..

And drained..


On a wire rack not the ikea paper..  ( as that’s in the boot of the station wagon)..
And then tossed in smoky sweet Spanish paprika.. 



the rib steak?

Dusted with Maldonado salt and fresh thyme.. Sweet potato fries in the oven.. Peas boiled


But blurry that last one as Mrs Fitz just wanted to eat.. I understand that.. I was in full on pakora crunchin..

Oh and then a cherry jubbbly for pudding..

Cora Murley of course got a leetle piece.. 

I gotta make that chicken carcass soup man.. I think I am indeed getting sick.. 

Uh oh.. 😷


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4 replies

  1. Potato pakoras with paprika sound delicious. As for your not feeling well, if you can eat all that, it is just a little cold and nothing to worry about. Hope you feel better soon.

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  2. I hope you are feeling well. I love snacks like your fried potatoes. I’ve never heard the term pakora, but love the flavor profile.

    Liked by 1 person

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