Black bean bubble & squeak croquettes

Nothing beats a good bubble and squeak.. Nothing!

( ok maybe some stuff ..)

Yet when you can lay your hand on a superb locally grown ( like yards over miles) grown cabbage and match that with spuds from just a little further you know you are onto a winner for sure..

Yet how much further can you take it?

Perhaps into croquettes .. ? Non Cheesey ones. Would be a great vegan starter right?

Although am sure that they would be lovely with melty cheese inside..

Yet these were simple..

The cabbage and mash done.. White onion mixed in.. Various seasonings.. Including a great broth powder.. Japanese panko to help bind the mix ..

Then black eyed beans.. Then some fresh chilli’s ..

All mixed up..

Delicious! Could have stopped there..

However when you also have mangelica Hungarian sausage why not add that too right?


Then chill them in the fridge..

Coats them in those great orangey crumbs..

Fry .. Then bake!!



Would be great as a starter with salad ..

( didn’t have any salad…)IMG_7464.JPG






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  1. Mmm they look very tasty 🙂



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