Friday or fry- day supper ?

First of all happy fiesta friday to all ..

Now Friday.. The traditional day of
fish eating.. From the good ol Catholics to the rocking st Lucian friday fish fry, wow I remember the first time I was there.. It got pretty wild!! plus many more islands? And you gotta eat fish? Right?

Well Mrs Fitz likes to follow her irish catholic provenance .. So it’s a salmon tagliatelle for her .. Pasta boiled in salty water.. The poached salmon flaked into a pan with Italian frozen herb mix. Bristol blend pepper and double cream added.. A little salt and some pimped mrs Middletons chilli oil to lift it.. With a garlic bread .. There you go.. Bread and fishes huh? ( mind you if I ate fishies I woulda had that too!)..

For me? It’s FRYDAY .. Some fantastic castle ashby smoked middle bacon from my pals at earls barton.. Can’t wait for their new store to open too! All very exciting!

Great cut the middle.. You get all the bacon streaky and backesque!!

Not one drop of snot out of this bacon.. Amazing stuff !

With a potato cooked on the skewer then fried off in the bacon fat.. Why oh why can’t we buy bacon grease over here in the UK? .. Umm ok don’t answer that!!

With a beautiful burford buff egg crisped on one side.. Too much ketchup and siracha.. I wasn’t looking for a good looking plate here.. This was eating time!

Oh.. And just for my fiesta friday pals..

Another batch of deliciousness .. Sausages hanging offa the cupboards..








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14 replies

  1. Looks Delish, as always, Mr. Fitz! 😀


  2. The bacon looks fab! Your sausages are looking so professional! Amazing 🙂


  3. That bacon is beautiful! And the pasta looks delicious….


  4. A definite Friday Feast for Fiesta Friday!!! That bacon is so long!!!


  5. The famous sausages hanging from the cupboard, LOL. Well decorated kitchen must say, Good fry Mr. Fitz and I also love what you made for Mrs. Fitz.



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