Crepas de Mole | Fiesta Friday #36

Its Fiesta Friday!!! yay!! (scroll down to see delicious bangers.. ahem..)

The Novice Gardener

crepas de mole

crepas de mole

How many draft posts can a blogger have, at one time, that would be considered normal? I heard that the very successful food blogger and author David Lebovitz, whose Facebook page I follow, has about 40 at any given moment. I’m not an author or a successful food blogger, but it feels good to be in the company of Mr. Lebovitz. I have roughly about the same number.

Most of them are abandoned half-written posts (I lost interest in the subject or I lost my train of thought). Many are boring and badly written posts (I was at a loss for words). Then there are posts that for one reason or another have no photos (I lost my mind, period).

In an attempt to be more organized and to clean-up my neglected drafts, I looked over them. And guess what? I found one ready to be published. A Cinco…

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  1. Ooh, we just had mole tonight and have some left over. Never thought of having them with crepes. Maybe we will tomorrow! Thanks!


  2. Congrats on the feature! They look awesome!


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